Type of Financial Institution

As the very first bank in Germany, V-BANK is focused, with its business model, on (securities) account management and on securities settlement for independent asset managers and selected clients such as family offices. We have managed to become the market leader within only a few years.

With a focus on services for independent asset managers, we rely on a growth market which is becoming ever more popular in Germany. Lean structures and an efficient IT platform enable us to offer the best price-performance ratio on the market at all times.

You will find neither our own products nor our own consulting on property issues at V-Bank. In addition, you will search for risky business segments such as investment banking or corporate lending in vain at V-BANK. This makes us firstly independent, and secondly offers you a high level of security.


V-BANK AG, Арнульфштрассе, Мюнхен, Germany

  • +490897408000
  • https://www.v-bank.com/