Type of Financial Institution

Although its roots date back more than a century Sydbank was first established in 1970 through a merger of four local banks in Southern Jutland. In the 1980s the Bank began expanding its domestic branch network outside Southern Jutland.


Sydbank strives to conduct its business on the basis of clients’ requirements in a profitable and sustainable manner. Clients want a decent, responsible and reliable bank. A bank with sound values but also a solid and profitable bank. Sydbank is such a bank.

Sydbank is a modern bank that evolves in line with today’s demands. However Sydbank also focuses on strong fundamental values – values that are reflected in the way we conduct business – with the broader community, our clients, our staff and other stakeholders. We strive in all contexts to create value through excellence and our ability to create relationships.

Special Products
  • Cash Letter Service
  • Low Value/Mass Paymentssend and receive MT102 FIN
  • send and receive MT103/REC/EURO
  • Send and receive Priority Payments
  • International Cash Managementsend and receive MT101 + MT940
  • Custody Services

Sydbank A/S, Ам Зандторкай, Гамбург, Germany

  • SYBKDK22
  • +4574373737
  • https://www.sydbank.com/