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SaarLB defined the Franco-German market as its core region in its business strategy right from the start of its almost 80-year existence due to its prominent location with its headquarters in the capital of Saarland and its close proximity to France.

In order to be able to serve these target markets and thus our customers to the best extent possible, the strategic headquarters in Saarbrucken has been supplemented over the years by branches in other parts of Germany – Koblenz, Mannheim – and abroad – Trier, Strasbourg and Paris. This special network of locations represents a further major success factor in order to be able to constantly guarantee the all-important proximity to the customer.

We focus on the SME business with an emphasis on corporate customers and real estate business, project financing in the area of renewable energies, support for institutional customers, public sector/municipalities, as well as high net worth individuals.

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  • Project finance

SaarLB, Ursulinenstraße, Саарбрюккен, Германия

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