Type of Financial Institution

North Channel Bank is the Special Merchant Bank for Innovative Banking Services

As an independent specialist bank – privately owned since 1924, we provide forward-looking, intelligent lending and capital market solutions as well as advisory services in the segments of US Life Settlements, equity investments, structured finance and digital banking services.

Our team of approximately 50 employees at North Channel Bank consists of highly specialized experts who individually cater to the customer’s needs. With our guiding principle  Engage – Connect – Enable, we ensure that new solutions emerge from new ideas.

Special Products
  • Structured Financ
  • Financing of US Life Settlements
  • Corporate Finance
  • Growth Financing
  • Impact Finance
  • Renewable Energies Financing
  • References Financing
  • Equity Investments
  • Digital Banking Services

North Channel Bank GmbH & Co. KG, Майнц, Germany

  • +49613166930
  • https://www.northchannelbank.de/
  • up to 5,000 euros