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Doing the right thing is what we aim to do in all areas of our business – it guides our decisions.
Both as a lender and as a savings bank, at Hodge Bank we take a steady and controlled approach to doing business. This long-term view – avoiding short-termism – is coupled with a solid reputation for looking after our clients. Hodge Lifetime is a business dedicated to the retirement market since 1965 and throughout that time we’ve been at the forefront of innovation in our core retirement lending markets.

Our depth of experience, values and reputation means we are a business that you can rely on.
We do the right thing with regard to having a social responsibility too. The Hodge Foundation, a charity supporting the welfare, medical, academic and educational areas owns 79% of our business. This drives us, knowing that by helping our customers to achieve their goals, we are also helping good causes that are important to us.

In banking terms Hodge is a young institution having obtained authorised status under the Banking Act in 1987. But that event belies the group’s pedigree in that it was nurtured from the same stable that created Chartered Trust plc and Bank of Wales plc.

All three institutions were founded by Sir Julian Hodge whose activities since the 1950’s are widely acknowledged as having been the catalyst behind the development of the dynamic financial services sector that now exists in South Wales.

The two earlier banks set up by Sir Julian are now owned by Lloyds Banking Group, but Hodge Bank remains an independent family controlled company and therein lies the key to its culture and philosophy that sets it apart from many other financial institutions.

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  • Personal Savings Fixed Rate Bonds Cash ISAs Notice Accounts Online Banking.
  • Business Savings Fixed Rate Bonds Notice Accounts.
  • Non Personal Savings Non Personal Fixed Rate Bonds Non Personal Notice Accounts.

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