Type of Financial Institution

The inception of the country's first truly national bank following the promulgation of the Republic dates back to 26 August 1924, mandated by Atatürk, consequent to the First Economy Congress in İzmir. Isbank begun to operate with two branches and 37 staff under the leadership of Celal Bayar, the first General Manager to run the bank.​

As well as the financial sector, İşbank provided great contribution to the development of industry in Turkey and has participated in nearly 300 companies to date. Having simplified its equity stake portfolio in time, the Bank currently has direct participations in 26 companies operating in finance, glass, telecommunication, as well as industry and service main groups and İşbank has direct or indirect control over 106 companies, as of December 2020.​

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Strawinskylaan 841, 1077 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • https://www.isbank.com.tr/