Type of Financial Institution

Fidor Bank is an online-based direct bank, licensed in Germany with its headquarters in Munich. The Fidor Smart current account is tailored to private and business customers alike. With its outstanding concept, Fidor Bank utilizes the principles and effective mechanisms of digital banking.

The product portfolio covers the standard private customer business: Online savings bonds and investment opportunities in foreign currencies or precious metals, diverse loan offers plus card products – everything from a single source, the Fidor Smart current account.

The B2C business is distinguished by a range of innovative products and services. With the Fidor Smart current and business accounts, Fidor is tailored to both private and business customers, offering them a combination of conventional banking services coupled with ever more integrated financial apps from partners.

Special Products
  • Loans
  • B2B-Services

Munich, Шиллерштрассе, 80335 Мюнхен, Germany

  • +4989189085233
  • https://www.fidor.de/
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