Type of Financial Institution

ETRIS BANK is a bank with special roots. Because we were created by Europe’s biggest procurement network for industrial wholesale distribution, E/D/E, we know and fully understand the needs of medium-sized trading companies.

This traditional proximity to our customers also has a big impact on our services, which are tailored to the needs of medium-sized enterprises.

No matter whether you need del credere liability, balance-sheet analyses, advice on company succession planning or financing for business expansions, ETRIS BANK is a reliable partner that understands every aspect of your business.

Special Products
  • Factoring
  • Warehouse and seasonal financing

Etris Bank GmbH, Дизельштрассе, Вупперталь, Германия

  • ETRIDE31
  • +49020260961500
  • https://www.etrisbank.de/