Type of Financial Institution

China Construction Bank – Head Office located in Beijing – was founded in 1954 following a decision of the state council of the People´s Republic of China. It is a state bank with the legal form of a public corporation of the People´s Republic of China.

Purpose of business is the promotion of all economic relations between Germany, Europe and China. The bank processes cashless payments via direct connection with the European clearing system (target 2) and also functions as clearing center for the whole bank in Europe.

Our business activities in particular:

•      Acceptance Customer deposits

•      Granting of money loans and acceptance credits

•      Purchase of bills of exchange and cheques

•      Handling and financing of your complete financial foreign business

•      Acquisitions guaranties and other warranties

•      Handling of foreign exchange trading

•      Processing of cashless payments and settlements

•      Consulting and making contact for German, European and Chinese enterprises, which want to do business on the counterpart market or search for business partners/ possibilities for investment.

We offer you:

•      Competent, fast and  attractive solutions in all banking business activities

•      Advice, support and problem solutions in bilateral business activities

•      Access to the excellent network connections of our Head Office in China

Credit Rating
Special Products
  • Mortgage loans
  • Smart Matchmaking Platform
  • Treasury Service

China Construction Bank Corporation Niederlassung Frankfurt, Боккенхаймер Ландштрассе, Франкфурт-на-Майне, Germany

  • +49699714950
  • http://de.ccb.com/