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Our bank, which was founded in 1920, has withstood the turmoil and turbulence since World War I under the management of various partners and has worked successfully for customers over the long term. We never took off, but always remained down-to-earth and reliable.

Today's private bank was founded in 1920 by Ed Greutert under the name Ed Greutert & Cie. This was initiated and financed by the Frankfurter Metallgesellschaft.

In 1930, Dr. Hans Sturzenegger joined the bank and was general partner from 1938 until he left in 1984. During this period, and especially after the Second World War, Dr. Hans Sturzenegger a dynamic entrepreneur at the top. After Ed Greutert left, the private bank was renamed Sturzenegger & Cie in 1940. Even today, the Sturzenegger Foundation and the Claire Sturzenegger-Jeanfavre Foundation are two institutions that we oversee and that establish a link to this section of history.

In 1967 Dr. Wolfgang Baumann joins the bank as general partner (until 2002) and brings technical progress. His brother Niklaus Baumann followed him in 1980 and remained general partner until 2013. After Dr. Hans Sturzenegger (1984) the bank is renamed Baumann & Cie, Banquiers. Thanks to a change in the law, our bank will be allowed to keep its current name even with partners who do not agree to it.

Various personally liable partners have successfully shaped and shaped our bank. So were Messrs Wilhelm Hansen (1994-2002), Heinz Jeger (2004-2013), Marcus Bühler (2012-2014), Urs Baumann (2014-2016), Rolf Bühler (2012-2018) and Matthias CE Preiswerk (2002- 2020) worked for our private bank.

The current partners Daniel OA Rüedi (general partner since 2008), Daniel Burkhardt (general partner since 2020) and Mathias Brenneis (general partner since 2020) lead the private bank and its investments into the future. Matthias CE Preiswerk has remained associated with the company since January 1, 2021 with a limited partner contribution.

The most important investments include Trafina Privatbank AG, Basel (since 2004), the real estate companies St. Jakob AG and Rotbuche AG, Crystal Asset Management AG and the holding company Providentia AG.

In 2009 Baumann & Cie, Banquiers, opened the headquarters in Zurich and in 2016 the headquarters in Olten.

Our bank is proud of the fact that the handover of both the management and the partnership to the next generation has been carried out smoothly since it was founded. Everyone in charge has always made sure that the substance remains in our bank and that the active partners are primarily characterized by entrepreneurship and banking knowledge.

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