Type of Financial Institution

Banque Richelieu France is one of the subsidiaries of Compagnie Financière Richelieu, a French holding company created on 9th July 2018, that also comprises Banque Richelieu Monaco and Richelieu Gestion.

Banque Richelieu France has been assisting private individuals, businesses, family shareholders, institutional investors, foundations and associations since 1986. Bank for people who want to manage their wealth differently and who do not identify with the existing solutions available, Banque Richelieu France offers comprehensive financial management, customized investment solutions from several distributors and a wide range of financing.

Special Products
  • Wealth planning
  • Life insurance
  • Discretionary portfoloio management
  • Structured products

Banque Richelieu France, Rue Paul Cézanne, Paris, France

  • https://www.banquerichelieufrance.com/