Type of Financial Institution

Banque Eni SA was incorporated in 2006 in Brussels (Belgium) with a full banking licence granted by the NBB (National Bank of Belgium). Banque Eni provides financial services to Eni and Eni companies.

Special Products
  • cash management
  • payments and collection in more than 34 different currencies (not euros) through its own worldwide network of correspondent banks;
  • payment, settlement and clearing financial operations;
  • payment of salaries through a dedicated tool which ensures segregation and
  • confidentiality of data contents;
  • cash pooling and cash concentration activities management;
  • treasury services: time deposit, FX spot, forward operations, swap;
  • asset management;
  • safe keeping and clearing of securities.

Banque Eni S.A., Rue Guimard, Брюссель, Бельгия

  • +3225511970
  • https://banqueenisa.com/