Type of Financial Institution

Bank Sepah, Tehran is Iran’s oldest (incorporated in 1925) and most prestigious bank. The London branch was opened in 1972 and immediately made a name for itself with its service quality, supporting individuals and companies alike, working or trading with Iran.
In 2002 BSIP, as a UK registered company and 100% subsidiary of Bank Sepah, Tehran, took over the business of the branch. A UK incorporated bank authorised by the PRA and regulated by the PRA and FCA, BSIP upholds the best UK regulatory standards and enjoys the strong support and the access to an extensive branch and business network of its parent Bank Sepah, Tehran.
Recent developments: As an overseas hub for the Bank Sepah Group, in the years up to 2007, BSIP developed a Global banking business with an extensive correspondent network. Since Implementation Day of the JCPOA, BSIP has been working to re-establish its network of correspondents and use innovative mechanisms to enable the international funds transfers modern businesses require.
BSIP’s Management and independent Board are focused on ensuring its Governance, Controls and Procedures are of the highest standard. Three Independent Non-Executive Directors, promote a culture where the bank operates strictly within its Risk Appetite whilst delivering for all of its stakeholders, especially its customers.

Special Products
  • Short term finance to support Trade transactions
  • Medium term Project financing (up to 5 years)
  • Syndicated Loans and Funded Risk Participations
  • Bilateral Loans
  • Structured Financing
  • UK Export Finance and other ECA supported transactions

Bank Sepah International plc

  • +442076231371
  • https://www.banksepah.co.uk/