Type of Financial Institution

Bank Saderat Iran was established in 1952 with the main objective to provide efficient and modern banking and is well reputed for the excellent services it is offering to customers throughout the world. Since the inception, BSI has expanded its network vigorously and established about 2500 branches in Iran and abroad. With over 2200 employees, the Bank has one of the largest Banking Network in Iran and the Middle East. BSI with its competent and innovative Management has used its extensive marketing skills to acquire a leading position in the retail banking area and has played a significant role in the development of economy & growth of the production in Industry, Trade, Agriculture and other services.

Special Products
  • Fund Transfer System(FTS)
  • Current Account
  • Direct Debit System(DDS)
  • Loan & Facility
  • Cheque Book

Bank Saderat Iran Zweigniederlassung Hamburg, Дайхштрассе, Гамбург, Germany

  • +97146035555
  • http://www.banksaderat.ae/