Type of Financial Institution

BOV was formed in 1974 following an agreement between the Government of Malta and the Malta Development Corporation.

In 1992, BOV became the first public company to be listed on the Malta Stock Exchange at which time 51.21% of BOV’s equity was held by the Government of Malta, 14.55% was held by Banco di Sicilia S.p.A. and the remaining 34.24% was in the hands of the general public.

In 1995, the Government offered 12,000,000 shares to the public, thereby reducing its shareholding in BOV to 25.23%.

In June 2006, Capitalia S.p.A. took over the 14.55% stake in BOV from Banco di Sicilia S.p.A. On the 1st October 2007, Capitalia S.p.A. was merged with UniCredito Italiano S.p.A. by way of incorporation. UniCredit S.p.A. became the other major shareholder with 14.55% stake in BOV.

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