Type of Financial Institution

Since our foundation in 1821, at Bank EEK security has always had priority over growth and size. A traditional business policy that has made us one of the safest banks in Switzerland to this day.

As a regional bank, we see ourselves as a niche player with many strengths and few weaknesses. We always focus on quality: Because we are independent, we can always offer you the best service that meets your needs. We only operate in one location and this is in the heart of the city of Bern.

Bank EEK AG is integrated into a group structure. Like its sister company EEK Immobilien AG, it belongs to the parent company EEK Beteiligungen.

Bank EEK operates the banking business and is the most important company in the EEK Group. The profits generated are mainly used to strengthen the bank's own funds. With its considerable assets, the EEK Beteiligungen cooperative continues to fully support the obligations of Bank EEK. This statement is formally supported by the subordination declaration on a large part of the loans granted to the bank.

Special Products
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Bank EEK AG, Amthausgasse, Bern, Switzerland

  • EEKBCH22
  • +41313105252
  • https://www.eek.ch/