Type of Financial Institution

Founded in 1979, Bank Audi France is a public limited company under French law, which manages its balance sheet with complete autonomy and has its own assets and is legally independent from the other entities of the Bank Audi Group. As such, it is directly regulated by the Banque de France and is subject to the same accounting and financial rules as all other French banks. Bank Audi France also meets the most demanding international standards in terms of compliance and governance.

Bank Audi France is above all a commercial bank, which collects deposits mainly from non-residents, and grants loans to entrepreneurs and traders in the Middle East. Its development focus aims to further strengthen its commercial and international trade finance activities. For the future, the Bank plans to expand its customer base to European companies dealing in the Middle East, to maintain its traditional activities with its customers in the Levant region, by supporting them in particular in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Bank Audi France, Елисейские Поля, Париж, Франция

  • +33153835000
  • https://www.bankaudi.fr/