Type of Financial Institution

Banca Aletti Suisse was established in 2000 as a credit institution under Swiss law specializing in “private banking” and is controlled by Banca Aletti & CSpA, to guarantee the achievement of the best synergies from a strategic and operational point of view.

Banca Aletti has its origins in the business of currency exchange, in a Milan of the early 19th century, rich in innovative ferments, and then moved on to brokerage in securities on the Piazza Affari Stock Exchange.

Financial activity takes many forms, from banking in the strict sense to that of a stockbroker, in compliance with the various legislative constraints that have governed the markets in different eras.
The distinctive trait of exclusivity, relationship care and qualified customer selection remains constant over time.

Since 2000, a process of strong dynamism begins under the sign of territorial expansion, structural strengthening and enrichment of the offer to customers, which allow Banca Aletti to acquire a prominent position in the Italian Private and Investment Banking markets. .

Today Banca Aletti embodies the solid expertise of one of the major Italian banking groups, Banco BPM, and the tradition of specialization in the financial field of one of the oldest companies on the Italian national scene.

Special Products
  • Gpm
  • Consulting
  • Trading
  • Credits
  • Deposit of Values
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Services

Banca Aletti & C. (Suisse) SA, Via Massimiliano Magatti, Lugano, Switzerland

  • +41582006200
  • http://www.alettisuisse.ch/