Type of Financial Institution

Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep (Argenta Group) provides retail financial services for families in Belgium and the Netherlands, through Argenta Spaarbank (banking) and Argenta Assuranties (insurance).

Founded in 1956, Argenta is today Belgian’s fifth largest banking institution by customer deposits, with over 1.7 million customers. Its product offering, focused on simplicity and long-term relationships of trust with its family clients, is built on four pillars: savings, lending, insurance and investments. The group operates in Belgium through an extensive network of local self-employed tied agents.


Argenta Spaarbank, Belgiëlei 49, 2018 Antwerpen, Бельгия

  • ARSPBE22
  • +3232855111
  • https://www.argenta.eu/