Type of Financial Institution

AP Anlage & Privatbank is a Swiss private bank with a 25-year history, headquartered in Zurich, backed by a reputable long-term shareholder and investor with global reach.

We are operating in Switzerland and in Europe. With roots both in the West and East, we combine Swiss banking know-how with a profound market understanding of local markets giving us a significant competitive advantage and expertise.

As a modern bank, we define banking of tomorrow by living the origins of banking and building the most trusted bank for and with wealthy families and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Our exceptional and hand-picked clientele as well as our unique access to industry-leading investors and entrepreneurs share a trusted network and proprietary opportunities to solve real-world problems and needs.

In short, we are a place where all ingredients come together to mobilize a community of trusted individuals towards exponential impact on real-world problems and client’s dreams.

Special Products
  • current accounts
  • payment cards
  • savings accounts
  • time deposit accounts
  • gold deposit accounts
  • trading accounts
  • escrow accounts
  • lombard loans
  • trade finance

Anlage & Privatbank Bellerivestrasse surich

  • ANPRCH22
  • +41447876200
  • https://apbank.ch/
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