Type of Financial Institution

The history of the Bank dates from October 1922 when it was first incorporated and offices were set up in the City of London at 1 Broad Street Place.

Following the Great War of 1914-18, new states emerged in the Eastern Mediterranean and, with the return of peace, international trade began to flourish. The Commercial Bank of the Near East, as it was known then, was established by Commercial Bank of Greece to provide a full range of banking services particularly to companies and individuals with trade and business in Greece, the Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, and North Africa. The Bank continued to expand its range of services and opened branches in Constantinople, Alexandria, and Cairo.

When in the mid-1950s, for political reasons, all banking institutions in Egypt were nationalized, all the overseas branches were sold to Commercial Bank of Greece leaving only the London Operation.

The ever-widening business philosophy of the Bank and the growing importance of its operations resulted in the decision in 1990 to change its name to Commercial Bank of London.

In November 1994, Alpha Bank AE (formerly Alpha Credit Bank), acquired Commercial Bank of London. Subsequently, on 1 February 1995, in order to re-confirm its historical links with Greece and to demonstrate its connection with the Alpha Group, the name was changed to Alpha Bank London Limited.

Alpha Bank London Limited maintains a strong balance sheet with no funding requirement from either the wholesale market or from our parent company, Alpha Bank AE. Our exposure to Greece is negligible and we operate on a stand-alone basis with independent systems and infrastructure.

Special Products
  • e-Banking for Business
  •  Alpha Mass Payments
  •  Alpha e-commerce
  •  Global Cash Management
  •  Alpha Web International Trade

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