Type of Financial Institution

AEK Bank was founded in 1826 as a non-profit institution by far-sighted businessmen from Thun with the aim of creating a facility for safe savings and easy financing. When we were founded, there were hardly any banks in Switzerland for the needs of the residents of small towns and districts. There were only private bankers who financed trade and wars and managed the assets of the wealthy and the persecuted in Switzerland.

AEK Bank became a cooperative without capital (oK) from outside, has belonged to itself since then and chooses its members from among its customers. It became AEK BANK 1826 in 2006 thanks to the growing internationality of its customers' businesses and the increasing importance of its brand.

Suddenly the conservative attitude of AEK Bank was exemplary after the failure of Spar- und Leihkasse Thun, Berner Kantonalbank and Schweizerische Volksbank paid attention to their qualities in the canton. Due to its strengths, AEK Bank has become a bank for individuals and families as well as for entrepreneurs and companies.

Technological developments and innovations continued to drive AEK Bank. Thanks to her uncompromising customer orientation, she expanded her range of services in asset and investment advice.

AEK Bank has been a Sparkasse, mortgage and private bank since 2010.

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