Type of Financial Institution

Aareal Bank Group is a leading international provider of smart financing, software products, digital solutions and payment transaction applications in the property sector and related industries. Aareal Bank AG is the Group's parent entity and is headquartered in Wiesbaden.

Goals and segments

Structured Property Financing segment

In the Structured Property Financing segment, we support our clients in making large-volume commercial property investments.

Banking & Digital Solutions

In the Banking & Digital Solutions segment, we support businesses from the housing, property management and energy industries, as a digitalisation partner – combining extensive advisory services and product solutions with traditional corporate banking services and deposit-taking.


Our subsidiary Aareon, a leading provider of ERP software and digital solutions for the European property industry and its partners, forms the third business segment. Aareon Smart World, an integrated digital ecosystem with country-specific ERP systems at its core, connects property companies and their employees with clients, business partners and technical equipment in flats and buildings through various digital solutions.


Credit Rating
Special Products
  • Process Optimisation / Housing Management
  • Payment Transactions / Electronic Banking
  • Tenancy Bond Management
  • The Aareal Bank Corporate Client Portal
  • Mobile Zahlungsfreigabe
  • Aareal Meter
  • Housing industry partner
  • Third-party Management
  • Invoice Data Processing
  • Cash Investment
  • Transaction Management
  • IT Solutions from Aareon AG
  • Cross-sector Process Optimisation
  • Electronic Billing

Aareal Bank Ag, Улица Асторг, Париж, Франция

  • +4906113480
  • https://www.aareal-bank.com/
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